Finding My Worth

In the past year I have realized how much self worth really is worth. It really does matter how you carry yourself and the level of confidence you have for yourself. I have struggled with seeing how much I am worth most of my life. I have put myself down because I tried to see […]

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Different Relationships in Sula

Everybody has relationships with somebody, be it a friendly relationship or a hateful relationship. Throughout our lives we gain new relationships with different kinds of people. the book Sula by Toni Morrison has many kinds of relationships written into the book. Like Nels and Sula’s friendship, or Eva and her children. The relationships in this […]

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College Campuses and Guns

Dear Editor of Dallas morning news  In June of 2015 governor Greg abbott signed senate bill 11, allowing anyone to carry a concealed handgun license to carry a weapon on any state university campus. This law went into effect starting the fall semester of 2015 in every Texas university. There were many for and against […]

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wallace wanted to be Governor

  In his 1963 Inaugural Address to the citizens of Alabama, George Wallace makes an argument that includes his thoughts on equal rights for all citizens, segregation and the government. Strengthening his argument he uses ethos, pathos and persuasive language to show  the audience that he will make a good governor that will make changes […]

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The Great Gatsby and Desire

Desire has been on the minds of many people throughout the years. Plato and his play Phaedrus, Buddhism and how desire causes suffering, and F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby to name a few. The great gatsby is all about how desire could get the best of you. Gatsby desired Daisy. Tom desired his […]

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Around the world

When we are born all we know what to do is breathe and cry when hungry or when we poop. But from the second you’re out you start learning. Learning how to walk, not poop in your pants, tie your shoes. Your whole life is a learning process. We learn from everything, the sun, teachers, […]

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